Thursday, October 29, 2009

Florida Day 1

We took off early on Sunday....Mike only got a few hours of sleep from having to work the MU football game the night before. We were so excited to enjoy lots of sunshine for the next week! Evan was excited as well to go on his first plane ride! Grandma Merritt and Evan....ready to go on vacation! Evan did SO well on the flight....even after missing his naps! He was super silly and smiley and laughing at the people behind us. He did fuss for a few minutes on the take off and landing, but other than that, did great! He even nursed and took a good hour nap! I'm sure the other passengers were thankful that he didn't scream/cry the entire time....we were glad too! :) Leaving good 'ol (and cold) Missouri....don't the trees look pretty though?! And arriving in sunny 80* degree weather! Ahhh...perfect! Evan even got to sit in the cockpit after we landed. It was so tight in there! I'm glad we arrived safely though. :) Shades....check. Car seat/toys...check 1st vacation with our son...priceless!


Laura said...

Love it! Can't wait to see more!