Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I am so ready to be finished with my master's. I have about a month left to finish my paper and I can say that I am almost there! I have to just piece it all together and work on the introduction a little bit more. Whew!
  2. Question for you....What age did you start potty-training your son/daughter???? I am not sure if Evan is ready, but I guess we need to start thinking about this.
  3. So excited for this Saturday. We are headed to St. Louis for my dad's birthday and we have box tickets to see Disney on Ice. I'm excited to see family and have fun! 
  4. Hoping to make some yummy green rice krispy treats for St. Patrick's Day...we'll see if I can get around to doing it! I'm also thinking of going on a walk outside and going on a green hunt...trying to find lots of different things that are green. What are you doing special for St. Patty's Day???
  5. June 11th I will be walking in the St. Louis Race for the Cure for my Aunt Barb. Our team name is Barb's Team, and I would really appreciate any donations or if you wanted to join our team to come downtown and run or walk with us! Thank you!
  6. Loved watching the final episode of the Bachelor last night. I was so glad he picked Emily and I truly hope they will last. I think out of all of the after the final rose episodes, theirs was the most real and honest, saying that relationships are hard and they have struggled, etc. I hope they make it work! 
  7. Feeling accomplished this week even though the time change was tough and I'm exhausted. Laundry is caught up from the previous week/weekend and I've cleaned and organized some things that definitely needed to be cleaned. Hoping the rest of the week is this productive!
  8.  Starting to plan Evan's 2nd birthday! yikes! Where does the time do??? Since baby 2 is due about a week before Evan's birthday, I thought I might as well get a head start on the planning :)
  9. Need some new book/author recommendations????? What have you read and liked??
  10. This guy loved the carousel ride this morning :)