Thursday, February 2, 2012

Date 1 of 12

January's date was to go bowling! I was very excited to go and so was Mike. Unfortunately, my back had a different story in mind. I had back surgery back in 2002 and still have problems with 2 disks. Well...the whole month of January it was hurting...bad. So, bowling was out unfortunately. I'm hoping we can make up for it soon because I want to go with Mike and/or with friends!

Instead of bowling, we went to go see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  We both read the books and loved the movie. It was great to get away and enjoy a non-kid movie (which is usually on our TV these days).

So excited to share our February date soon!!!
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Jesse Bodine said...

Yea for you guys, so fun! Our date night for the month is coming up and I'm so excited that we are sticking to this year's resolution!!! And saw the movie and loved it, btw...

Shannon b said...

awww, too bad you couldn't make it bowling. Another time, right? My husband and I did a bowling date once and really enjoyed it.

Thanks for linking up!

Teresa said...

Love seeing all these Date your husband ideas-
Thanks for sharing yours