Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

  1. In a cleaning and purging mood. We are going to be getting some weatherization done (for free!) on our house. New windows, doors, insulation, etc. So....in order for all of this to be done, we need to make room in our basement. So, we have been working at night after the boys are in bed to go through all of our stuff and decide what to keep or get rid of. I've been listing a ton on craigslist. Sold a couple of things today which is nice. If anyone wants to buy Stampin' up stamps, Christmas dishes, an exersaucer, Wii games and also Rockband, or Graco stroller let me know! :) Email me at kaseylaughlin at yahoo :)
  2. Just finished watching the Bachelor. Seriously...the girl that left because she was in love with her ex-boyfriend or whoever...is the ugliest, weirdest crier ever!!! What the heck!?! 
  3. Curious....how do you or someone you know organize all of your pictures, scrapbooks, etc??? Either yours from the past or your current stuff?
  4. Just finished reading a couple of books...what are some that you recommend????? I need something new!
  5. Excited for Alex's dedication at church this Sunday! Deciding on a few egg free cake recipes now to make for the celebration!
  6. Can't believe that we are already a week into February!
  7. Needing to get some ideas for re-doing the basement area and making it into a playroom. Thankfully there are a ton of ideas on Pinterest! :)
  8. Heading to Sprint...yet again to have them check out my phone. Battery isn't working right... :(
  9. Looking forward to our February date with my hubby...coming up on the 18th!!!
  10. Love these boys! Alex watching Mike drum and then Evan spraying Mike with the Spiderman web and Mike "sleeping" from the spider web! :)


Amber said...

Purging is such a great feeling. We're finishing our basement right now and everything is shoved into a small storage area. I sure hope I'll be in the mood when it's done to get rid of some things.

I thought the same thing about Casey on the Bachelor! Poor girl.

As for your question on organizing pictures. I have everything on the computer and in my online storage area (Creative Memories) saved by the month. In my CM account, I also have separate folders that are only pictures of Drake. This could get interesting once baby #2 comes, but we'll see if I can keep it all together. I started working on Drake's album for his 2nd year yesterday and really want to have it done before this little one arrives so I don't forget anything. Thankfully, I have the blog to go back to!

Anonymous said...

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