Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Five

1. Our yard is seriously disgusting right now. I've mentioned before that we are getting weatherization done on our house. Step 1 is to dig a well....right now, it's just a big, old muddy hole in our yard. Ugh! Evan has been in heaven though! :)

This is where most of his meals have been...

2.  Evan has his Valentine's Day exchange at his preschool and it was the cutest thing ever. LOVE it there and I'm so glad he is learning and growing and making friends.

3.  This guys seriously needs to slow down! He is pulling up with ease, trying to walk across his crib and making us laugh every single day.

4.  This is the new face he's been making for the past week or so! Hilarious!!!!!!!

5. And a little project I'm working on...this is just a start. I needed a place to put all of our paperwork, receipts, outgoing mail, invitations, etc. so this is the start of a command center. I'm not sure what else to put up there yet...or if I'm going to move the calendar over there (it's on the fridge now). But for right now, it's already a huge improvement. Jesse...this is the piece I want to paint!!! :) In the bottom part of the hutch we have bowls, etc. but I'm hoping to make it into our arts/crafts supply. I have slowly started cleaning it out to add construction paper, etc. We have a ton of plastic pencil boxes I'm hoping to use for markers, glue, fingerpaints, etc. Hoping this will help keep it all organized since we don't have an office! :)


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