Saturday, August 6, 2011

Right now...

I want to remember...


  • is such a great sleeper (going down around 8-9 pm, waking around 3ish, and then waking up between 7-8 am. Goes down for his first nap about an hour later.
  • Still sleeping in his car seat...he is still so congested and just isn't comfortable sleeping with all of that yucky stuff in his nose/throat.
  • Loves his gummy grins and how he lights up when Evan is talking
  • The way his fingers wrap perfectly around my finger
  • his little squeaks and grunts
  • how much he dislikes tummy time!
  • He can almost roll over from his back to his tummy
  • when he is getting tired, the area around his eyes get red
  • how cute and happy he is and how much he completes our family

  • always saying the color of different cars. "red tar, blue tar, etc" Love the way he says cars!
  • getting his army parachute man tangled in one of his car wheels and him bringing Buzz over to help me try to untangle it, while saying "Buzz help". Buzz always saves the day!
  • the way he randomly gives kisses to us (and mostly Alex) throughout the day
  • how much he is in love with dinosaurs, elephants, and cars right now
  • the way he says bay-b, mom-e, dad-e, and en-yen
  • some days he struggles to get down from his nap (almost 2-3 hours of in and out of his bed and putting him back in it) but other days, it takes less than 10 minutes.
  • loves pretend play and putting his small toy story characters into his cars for a ride or on top of his dinosaurs for a ride
  • the way he says "run" (sounds like won) when we are chasing each other or he is making one of his toys run away from another
  • the way he says baby toes and "shrog" for frog

Love these boys!