Tuesday, August 2, 2011

hot, soccer weekend

Mike played in the Show Me State games this past weekend and it was HOT!
Has it been the hottest summer ever or what?!?!
The boys and I only made it to one game (a 5 pm) game and it was disgustingly hot and sticky. I'm not sure how these over 30 men made it through the game!
Evan had fun running around with Mike's parents (and gave me a much needed break) and Sarah Beth and I had time to catch up and chat. They didn't win the tourney, but I'm sure they had fun!


agirlnamedgay said...

Wow, good genes! I didn't know your husband was a soccer player also. Your boys oughtta be set, right?!

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Nicole said...

Ai yai yai... not sure I'd want to play soccer in MO right now HAHA! TOO HOT! cute pic of you and... ehh not sure who it is. But its cute!

Nicole said...

Oh I guess if I actually READ through all the words in your post and not skimmed, I'd have read that her name is SARAH BETH! :) Great pic of the two of you! LOL!