Sunday, January 16, 2011

Iowa trip

We headed to Iowa to celebrate Grandma Laughlin's 93rd birthday. It was fun to see Mike's side of the family and be able to relax and catch up. While heading up on Friday Evan decided that he wasn't going to nap. We picked him up from his "school" and for sure thought he'd be tired...just like he usually is on Fridays at 1pm. Most of the time I have a hard time keeping him awake from the church to home since he usually goes down for a nap much earlier than 1ish. nap for him the 5+ hour car ride to Iowa. Thankfully he wasn't whining or crying. He was talking to himself, to us, reading, and playing with toys. We thought that he was then going to have a good night's sleep...well, after stopping by and seeing Grandma Harmon, getting dinner, and driving 45 minutes to the hotel, it was WAY past his bedtime. Sleep was in 1-2 hour stretches that night and finally I just laid with him in the other double bed and we slept for a solid 4 straight hours! ;) We went to the hot tub the next morning, he had maybe a 45 minute nap before we packed up the car and headed over to celebrate Grandma Laughlin's birthday. He had a blast running around and playing and Mike and I had fun catching up with his cousins and their kiddos. We headed back to Missouri around 3, Evan fell asleep in the car within the first 5 minutes and slept for 2 hours off and on. Dave and Sarah were great caravan partners and we stopped for dinner and finally got home around 8 pm or so. It was a quick trip and a long car ride with a 19 month old, but it was fun to see family and celebrate! Thankfully he had a great sleeping night last night and a nice nap this afternoon! :)

 Grandma Harmon
 At the hotel...getting a little sleepy

 Got a second wind with daddy! :)

 (Don't mind the bags and dark circles under my eyes! It was a long night!)

 Dave, Sarah and their "baby!" :)

 This picture cracks me up! Mike was trying to get Evan to smile so he said "Show them your teeth!" This was the end result...pretty cute if you ask me :)

 Happy Birthday Grandma Laughlin!


Heather S. said...

LOVE the picture of Evan showing his teeth!! So cute!