Monday, January 31, 2011

Yes...I am still at it

Back to the cleaning/organizing/purging post. :)
This time I definitely needed to clean our bedroom. It was becoming the dumping ground to keep stuff away from 1.5 year old hands. I finally got around to purging clothes (5 huge bags to Goodwill) and throwing out crap. It feels so good to finally make time (even if it is only a little at a time) to go through stuff, clean it out, and decide if we want to keep or get rid of it.

BEFORE: My side of the bed

AFTER: The book bag is Masters class work (which I am in my last semester! woohoo!) and the Target bag is books for Sarah Beth (The Twilight Series).

BEFORE: Top of our dresser

 AFTER: Love having the wireless printer upstairs. It makes it so much easier to grab something I've printed for school or from a blog I've read. I also got the neat little organizer to keep paper in so it isn't so cluttered.

 BEFORE: The dreaded closet...ugh. Our closets in this house are tiny. No room for anything, so awhile ago Mike put some organizers in, which definitely helped. Poor guy had to keep his clothes in the spare bedroom closet. Now, since we are turning the playroom into baby #2's room, the spare closet is not going to be Mike's anymore. Therefore, I had to get rid of clothes that I hadn't worn or were too big/small. Not to mention the shoes. I got rid of 15 pairs. Still have 30, but to me...that's pretty darn good!

The Goodwill pile...
 AFTER: Love my shoe organizers. :) Mike has the whole bottom section and I have the top.

 Pretty good if you ask me! :)


Heather S. said...

Can you bring some of those organizing skills over here? LOL! Everything is looking great, Kasey!

Amber said...

Looks great!! Love the idea of having the wireless printer. We really need to look into that. Way to go, Kasey!