Friday, January 28, 2011

still organizing away :)

Yep....I am still slowly organizing and getting things cleaned and purged. I finished the tupperware cabinet, spice cabinet, another kitchen cabinet, and under the kitchen sink! It only took less than a half hour too. It feels good to finally get it cleaned and have it set up all nice and tidy.

Tupperware/Spice Cabinets BEFORE:


Under kitchen sink: BEFORE:


Kitchen Cabinet: BEFORE


And what I got rid of...old or soon to be expired baby food/snacks that should have been trashed awhile ago because E hasn't eaten baby food in such a long time!

Next up:
Under bathroom sinks
Junk Drawer
3 More kitchen cabinets
Master closet


agirlnamedgay said...

If my "after" pics looked like your "before" ones, i'd be good! looks like you're in good shape!

glad you're feeling better and getting ready for that new baby boy! i swear, newborns are the best!!!

Amber said...

Wow! They all look great! Too bad you had to throw all of that out.

Anonymous said...

I was reading that same blog u were and got in the cleaning mood too! Cleaned out the linen closet, under all the bathroom sinks and the cupboard in our closet with all my makeup! wow! I didn't know how much stuff I kept buying new of that I already had! Makes ya feel better though! U got me ready to keep on cleaning out!
-Nicole R. (can't remember my login info when I'm not on ju computer....poops!)