Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Recording my youth...

I've decided to record my learn, to record, to remember, and to share.
Mommy's Piggy TALES has all the details and I'm excited to record and remember stories, pictures, my life...want to join in???
If so, head to the website and email Janna...It starts June 10th! :)

Each week, for 15 weeks we are going to write about our age/'s the schedule.

June 10:
Details about your birth/How you got your name
June 17:
Preschool-Kindergarten years
June 24:
Age 6 or First Grade
July 1:
Age 7 or Second Grade
July 8:
Age 8 or Third Grade
July 15:
Age 9 or Fourth Grade
July 22:
Age 10 or Fifth Grade
July 29:
Age 11 or Sixth Grade
August 5:
Age 12 or Seventh Grade
August 12:
Age 13 or Eighth Grade
August 19:
Age 14 or Ninth Grade
August 26:
Age 15 or Tenth Grade
Sept. 2:
Age 16 or Eleventh Grade
September 9:
Age 17 or Twelfth Grade
Sept. 16:
Post High School


Janna said...

Thank you Kasey! Love the toddler pic of you!