Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Finally the sun is out and shining! It's been about 5 straight days of rain, gloomy, cold, wet, dreary weather. That weather just makes me want to curl up under the covers with a book...so needless to say not much has gotten done around the house. Evan and I have just played and watched the rain fall....The good news is that today is sunny and we've got lots done already! Dinner is already cooking in the crock pot, laundry is put away, kitchen cleaned, Culligan water guy called to replace filters, and I've even showered and had a cup of coffee! We are going to go run some errands today and then meet Mike at the park once he is off work.

Also, if you could say a prayer for my Aunt Barb, we would all appreciate it. Thanks.
Here are some pictures that I scanned on those rainy days when I was being lazy. enjoy.

My Uncle Mark, Aunt Barb, my cousin Matthew, and me

Apparently this was my first time seeing a horse?! ha! (me with Matthew and my 1st time in Texas)

Mike dressed up for Easter! :) He's the 3rd one from the left