Monday, May 31, 2010

Birthday recap

What a fantastic day we had for Evan's 1st birthday celebration. We had a huge bbq with family and friends (40 adults and 30 kids) was such a fun, crazy day!  The day started at 6 am with me making 100 rainbow/colored cupcakes...I think I iced the last one about 15 minutes before our 1st guests arrived. :) The weather was gorgeous, the kids had a bounce house and tons of outdoor games to play with and we had some great bbq from my dad. My parents worked SO hard getting the house ready and I'm so thankful for them. It was a great celebration and I still can't believe that we now officially have a 1 year old. In some of the pictures you'll see his red, swollen eyes...poor guy. He's now a regular zyrtec user...allergies just like his momma and dada. Enjoy the pics!

So thankful the Indy Laughlins and Grandpa and Grandma Laughlin came to celebrate the day :)'re 1 :)

Thank you so much Grandpa and Grandma for letting us have the party at your house!!!! We love you!


Laura said...

Love them all...wish we could have been there to taste those delicious cupcakes!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday, Evan!!

What a wonderful weekend for a birthday party. Love the pictures you had strung around! Great idea!!

Jenn said...

Enjoyed the first bday pics...looks like a big success! Love the personalized banners!