Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Saw this article today about watching your neighbor's kids...I'm interested in hearing your thoughts! Click here


R5 said...

i read that on yahoo last night! Im not sure what to think about that??

K.M.L said...

I'm not sure what to think either...I think neighbors helping neighbors is a good thing! And in this case, it's only before school while they are waiting for the bus. What's so wrong with that?

heather said...

I saw that last night too.
I think that law needs to be fixed/cleared up ASAP. I think it's ridiculous... what on earth is wrong with a friend helping a friend, neighbor helping a neighbor? Like the lady said; she's not running a daycare, or even accepting money from her friends. It's unreasonable that it is "illegal" for her to be there for the kids and parents who need just that few minutes of someone there.

According to that interpretation of the law, apparently I was violating the law by watching Porter for the school year that we lived in MI. I had him for all of 10 hrs a week and was happy to be helping out a friend. Do you know how hard it would be to find a "licensed day care" who could take a baby affordably just 10 hours a week?
I just can't believe that law stands that way. Or that that poor mom almost got in trouble because of it... I mean seriously?... who reported her?

Nicole said...

The law is ridiculous! I feel that it kind of takes away your rights as a parent to DECIDE for YOURSELF who is taking care of YOUR children. They are not the state's children, so why should they care who is taking care of them? If an issues arises from one of these "situations" then the people should be punished, but as long as the parents are CHOOSING for the other person to watch THEIR children, it should be their choice. If they make bad judgeship and end up hiring a whack job, then there should be consequences.

Heather's point is absolutely right... she'd be in violation of watching Porter those few days a week. And LeeAnn would be in violation of dropping off and picking Porter up from daycare for me and watching him for a few hours 2 days a week. Its ridiculous.

And I completely agree with the article.... many people with this economy are needing to go back to work.... and if they're being ass hats about letting parents choose who take care of their children while they're out trying to make a living (and thus not living off state aid), then what do they expect people to do who need money?