Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Picture Scavenger Hunt

Head on over to Emily's blog and enter her picture scavenger hunt to have a chance to win some amazing fall things! :) Even if you don't win, it's a chance to take some fun, everyday pictures! here are mine... 1. Something you need every single day (my little guy, Evan!) 3. A happy place in your house 4. Something you ate today 5. A picture of a picture 6. A favorite book 7. Something "fall-y" 8. Your favorite color (black, red, and blue) 9. Something from your childhood


Emily S. said...

Love it! Thanks for playing!! And good to know that Fruit Loops now have FIBER. Haha! That'll justify it for me.


Also, love your photo wall... NICE!

Fun to have you pop by and play the game!

Chase-Man said...

Kasey- I love the pat mat! You must be in PAT! :)