Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend '09

Okay...I am admitting it now. I have a problem. A very big problem and I'm not sure what to do about it! The problem is I take WAY TOO MANY PICTURES! In about a week and a half I took over 350 pictures. Crazy, I know. So...I am warning you know...this post has a TON of pictures because I have a hard time choosing which ones I like better, because I like them all! Our Labor Day weekend was spent in Clarksville, a the Tivoli Hills Resort. It was gorgeous! We stayed there last year and were hoping the Indy Laughlins would join us this year, which they did. There are a ton of outdoor activities and a beautiful view. We had a great couple of days and were so excited to spend time with them...we only wish the weather was just a little bit better! We had such a great time!

We spent time walking and watching the girls ride their bikes.
For Labor day weekend, they had horse/pony rides and a ton of other activities such as, money dives in the pool, hayrides, bingo, etc. The bad part was that most of these were outside activities and were cancelled due to the rain. :( We did get to do some of them though!
Can't have Labor Day without a watermelon eating contest! GO Madison!
BINGO! (She almost won!)
Celebrating Amanda's birthday!!!
and paddle-boating on the lake
Watching the ducks...
Hanging out in Clarksville at the Lock
Hannibal Time! Of course you have to stop at Tom Sawyer's fence!
Watching the boat come in...
There was Stratego...and lots of planning/strategizing going on!
The girls played soccer and practiced dribbling and Evan was taking some pointers!
Say Cheese! :)
Aunt Amanda and this shot!
Group shot! (After about 10 attempts!)
What a great weekend!


Dan and Amanda said...

I'm glad you take lots of pictures! I only took 6 the whole weekend... :(