Sunday, August 2, 2009

new things

Dear Evan,
I can't believe you are almost 2.5 months old! wow!!!!! You are learning so much everyday and this past week you have found your hands! You try to put the entire thing in your mouth and it is hilarious watching you do that. You are kicking your feet more and watching what they do. You had a very busy weekend in St. Louis. You went to your very first Cardinal game, celebrated Aunt Kelli's birthday, and then went to your 2nd Cardinal's game! You are getting so good at holding your head up and I don't call you bobble head nearly as much! ;) You have been sleeping so good at night and also during the day with your naps! This makes mommy and daddy VERY happy! You still don't like being swaddled very much, but if you are relaxed enough, you don't mind. You love when we sing to you! Daddy loves singing the ABC song and I love singing Twinkle, Twinkle and Take me out to the Ballgame. You giggle and sing right back! It always brings a smile to our faces! You had your first Parents as Teachers visit and slept right through it, but we know you are doing great! You are growing and changing every day. It is amazing to watch and it is the best to be your mom and dad.
We love you,
Love your mommy and daddy