Sunday, August 30, 2009

First trip to Indy

Evan had a great first trip to Indy this past weekend. He slept almost the entire way up there and did so well in the car. We were busy, busy, busy but had SO much fun! We got there Thursday night and went to bed, but Friday were up and had a great day. We surprised Madison at her school and all of us ate lunch up there in the cafeteria. She was very surprised and was so proud to play with her sister Mallory and to show off her new cousin. We also went to Maddy's soccer game, Mal's was cancelled :(, and saw her game. She did great! We had a kickball game in the backyard, bbq'd, and just had a nice, relaxed weekend. Evan did so good sleeping, which made us very happy! We took lots of pictures of the cousins and there were so cute! The girls would sing songs to Evan and he would just smile and laugh! Sorry for the overload of pictures but it really is too hard to choose!

Surprised Madison at her school Friday and had lunch with her. It was the best seeing Maddy's face all lit up!
Pouting's so adorable!
Playing kickball
Their sad face! :)
Evan had such a good time taking a bath with his cousins...he was a little too relaxed though and peed in the tub! The girls screamed and Evan just smiled away!
Pj picture! So cute!
Evan had a great time eating Maddy's nose!
Such a great shot of the three kiddos!


Laura said...

Too cute. I love the pouty face. Charlie does that too and I'm like, "Where did you learn that?!" Hahaha.

Dan and Amanda said...

Yay great pics! See you Saturday. Miss you you three.