Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to a great husband and a great daddy. For your first birthday as a father, I hope it is extra special and filled with lots more love and kisses. We are so glad you are here. Here are 33 reasons why we love you...

  1. You make us laugh
  2. You take care of us
  3. You let me watch my girly tv shows and don't complain too much :)
  4. You help with Evan's bath
  5. You surprise me with ice cream
  6. You drive on long trips
  7. You let me listen to my music on long trips ;)
  8. You are an awesome daddy
  9. You made the cutest, most smiley little boy
  10. You take care of Jack
  11. You make me smile
  12. You let me be right even when I'm not
  13. You challenge me
  14. You love your family
  15. You put me and Evan first
  16. You love taking trips
  17. You love to hold my hand
  18. You make Evan smile and sing when you talk to him
  19. You are a great policeman/detective
  20. You make me happy, everyday
  21. You are a great athlete
  22. You can be lazy like me :)
  23. You love movies and going to the drive in
  24. You love hanging out with our friends
  25. You have a strong sense of faith
  26. You let me win sometimes :)
  27. You are helpful
  28. You are an over-analyzer and we love you for it
  29. You make an amazing Uncle and M and M love you
  30. You take care of our house
  31. You watch Cardinal baseball with me even though its not your favorite
  32. You are unique and hard-working
  33. You make Evan and me the luckiest people on Earth...We love you!


Laura said...

Happy Birthday Mike!