Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Funny story....We have been living in our house for almost four years now. Mike and I haven't really met any of our neighbors...they are all a lot older and we haven't made it a point to get to know them. My mom is here for a couple of days watching Evan while I am finishing up my masters class for the summer. I put Evan down this evening and as soon as I did, the doorbell rang. I went to get it and two people were standing there and introduced themselves as our neighbors that live behind us. They asked if my mom was home which I thought was weird, but I yelled into the kitchen for my mom to come out. They introduced themselves to her and said they were having a "get to know your neighbor" bbq on Sunday afternoon and they would love for her to drop by. My mom said, well, I don't actually live here, my daughter and her husband do. The neighbor was in disbelief that I was the owner, was married, and had a 2 month old! She said I looked about 15~ Anyway, she apologized and then invited us over for Sunday. My mom and I just laughed and laughed as they left. I guess it is good that my mom and I look young! :) ha!


Nicole said...

OMG Kasey that is TOOO funny!!

heather said...

That. Is. Hilarious!
That has got to be about the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. "The neighbor was in disbelief..." HAHA!
I bet she feels pretty silly :)
Hi, is your mom home? hahahaha!

Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

Way too funny!

Steph said...

How funny!!! You should definitely take that as a compliment :)