Sunday, July 12, 2009

Drive in theater

Heading about 30 minutes north to Moberly, Mike, Evan, and I went to our first drive in movie theater as a family and I can definitely say we'll be doing this again! It was so much fun and much cheaper than seeing a movie in a "real" movie theater. We brought our own snacks and drinks and for a total of only $13 we saw two movies! Up and Transformers were both great and it was a great date night with the family! Evan stayed awake for Up and then knew he couldn't see Transformers because it was rated PG-13, so he fell asleep...what a good boy! :) Evan in his pj's getting ready to head to the movies!


Katie said...

I love drive-in movies, we used to go when I was a kid with my cousins....brings back such great memories! Good boy Evan for being such an easy going baby for the movies.

Steph said...

I love love love drive-in movie theatres!!!!!! I usually bring lots of goodies, blankets... It's so much fun!