Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This has been a friend kind of week! We headed to see the Morrisons, Malones, and the Smiths for the day on Tuesday. Laura and Geoffrey were also supposed to come with their girls, but Maddie wasn't feeling too hot. :( We mostly hung out around the house watching the kids play. There was an attempt to head to the pool, but about 5 minutes into the swim it started pouring rain! We think that was because Malone was there... ;) We had an amazing dinner and some good conversations between all the playing, yelling, and crying! :)

Our attempt at a group shot...poor Tatum was napping!
Tatum and Evan meeting for the first time...clearly they are in love! They can't stop looking at each other! ha!
Tatum: "I'm gonna get you!" Evan: umm....
"What is she doing?! Her smile might be bigger than mine!"
Just kiddin'...I like her! :)