Saturday, March 14, 2009

Meaning of the name

Evan, derived from John, means "God's gracious gift"

Samuel means "God hears"

God definitely heard our prayers and we are so thankful, after years of infertility, to be able to have our own child, our own gift from above.


Tamara said...

ESL, eh? Love it...I can hear the conversation now, "Evan, your initials tell the whole story of the time when you were conceived. See, I was in this class at MU with 2 crazy kiddos: Daniel & Tamara. Daniel always had crazy stories, and Tamara was a crazy southern gal. We were the only 2 in the class w/ blogs, so we exchanged blog information, and we've been friends ever since".... cute! Seriously, though...LOVE the name! Good pick!

Two Lines On a Stick said...

I love the name! I can't believe you are in your third trimester already! I was just looking at your ticker and it seems like your pregnancy has flown by... for me anyway... ;)