Thursday, March 19, 2009

happy and sad

  • Spring break is going to be here soon!!! I have 1 more day of class and I am so excited to have a week break. I can't wait to get stuff done that I actually want to accomplish, instead of stuff I need to do for class. We are going to head to St. Louis after my class Sat. and then come back sometime on Monday evening. The good news is that Mike took off too, so we have Sat.-Wed. off and then he has to head back to work. Hopefully we can get a ton of house stuff done before break is over. I would love to hire someone to come give our house a really good deep spring cleaning. One more day until break....yes! :)
  • This has been a really hard week for me emotionally. One of my good friends, who I played soccer with growing up, gave birth to a baby boy on Monday. She was 38 weeks, but the baby apparently was only 4 lbs 6 oz. He has 2 holes in his heart and had to have abdominal surgery...he also might have down's syndrome. I haven't heard any updates in the past couple of days, but my heart hurts for my friend. This was completely shocking to them and they don't know what else to do for now but pray and wait. Also, we had a kindergarten student at our school pass away earlier this week. His sister is in 5th grade and this is a wonderful family and I just can't believe this happened. He was fine Friday while he was at school and apparently was sick over the weekend and at the beginning of the week. We still haven't heard exactly what happened or how he died. His funeral is Saturday and I just feel awful about the situation....for my friend who was his teacher, for his classmates, his family, etc. He was only 5. We had to tell our students today and it was really hard to do.


lina said...

oh Kasey how heartbreaking for those families!
I Pray that all goes well for your friend & her baby.
What a shock about the little boy. It hits so close to home since my own son is 5.

Leslie Collins said...

Pregnancy stories/baby stories hit way too close to home, don't they? How awful for your friend. I hope that their little boy is okay.

And how tragic about the little boy @ school. My thoughts and prayers are with that family and your friends.

Enjoy spring break!!!!

Melanie said...

I cannot imagine how hard that would be! I too, have recently had a friend who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and she died 6 weeks later. How incredibly difficult it must be to go through something like that.