Saturday, March 14, 2009

not a very good update...but here it is! :)

We've had a very productive week! Mike put together the dresser and changing table/combo and the only thing that is left is the crib. It's all coming together! :) There is only 1 more week before spring break so I've been busy with grad school (trying to finish my portfolio and my getting my 5th grade class ready for testing after break. We start MAP testing the Tues. after break, which is never any fun. It is 9 days of testing, and it is never any fun for the kids or for us. We are headed to trivia night tonight with some of Mike's co workers to help support the Humane Society. I love trivia!!!! :) Other than that, not too much is going on....just keeping busy and trying to get lots done! What are you looking forward to the most with spring just around the corner???


Leslie Collins said...

Going to the park with Reyna, barbeques and longer days. :)