Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Morning Ramblings

It's official....I am under the weather and sick! You would think I would get sick over the snow days so when I got back to school I would be healthy and wouldn't get my 4th graders sick...but no. I started feeling crummy Wed. night and yesterday my nose was like a faucet that was broke. My students have never seen me sick...they think I am superwoman! ha! Anyway, today is Friday and I am exhausted and stuffed up and don't feel good at all. :( Mike was so good to me last night. He made me soup, brought me water to stay hydrated, and let me watch the Oprah I taped. It was about Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby, the two Missouri boys that were taken. Shawn was taken 4 years ago...can you imagine...your 11 year old has been missing for 4 years and you miracleously get him back at 15? I couldn't imagine that....but I am so thankful he is home with his family. They found him in an apartment that is 10 minutes away from my parents house....and about 10 minutes from where Mike and I used to live in St. Louis. Crazy!? We watched that last night and I was a mess....I could not stop crying. When Shawn mouthed the words Thank you, to the police officers that rescued him, I lost it. I am so thankful that they are both home. We also watched Scrubs and The Office last night...they are hilarious! If you haven't watched them, you need to start. They will cheer you up any day! Have a great Friday!


heather said...

Hope you're feeling better this weekend, Kasey!