Sunday, January 21, 2007

6 more inches...

of snow! It started snowing last night while we were eating dinner with Mike's parents at El Maguey. Then we went to the 6:30 church service and by the time we left there at 7:30, the roads were already covered. We almost ran into the back of someone and almost slid off the road because there is still all that ice under this new snow. Scary! I was so glad when we finally got home. I was supposed to go to St. Louis Sat. night and go to my cousin's house who was having a creative memories get together, but she called and was worried about the weather....and at that point, I was still sick but the weather was fine then... I am glad I did not go because I would have been stuck in St. Louis. Yesterday I received my Ipod Video from using my Arbonne's so nice when things are free! :) and I was basically downloading songs to it all day. I love it! I still feel under the weather, so having this snow is a good excuse to cuddle with my hubby and watch some movies! Have a great Sunday! Also...Happy Birthday to Rob'n! I miss ya!