Monday, January 8, 2007

Happy Monday

Well...we finally took down all of our Christmas decorations to put them away for the year. It was a little bit sad because now our house looks so bare and I love Christmas time. I hate the winter, but love Christmas! Here are a few pics....Jack was watching us intently as we took things down, but he did manage to find one small ornament. Luckily, we found it before he ate it! At least it was a candy cane ornament! ;)
Today was another busy Monday. Here's my list from today...
* Had an IEP meeting for one of my autistic kiddos
* Had to order flowers for a fellow co-worker who was in the hospital all weekend
(I'm the head of the social committee)
* Had to make send invitations for a farewell/thank you party for another co-worker who is
switching jobs. (our dare officer was hired on for a detective job with internet crimes)
* Started midmester reports
* Get our writing assessment ready for tomorrow
* Sub plans for Wed. morning because I have to attend a math leadership meeting
* Copy Running records to complete this week
* Taught my students how to make line plots!
* Planned with my other two teachers about our field trip to the capital at the end of the year
* Played detective about a missing/stolen pen
Oh the way, I did teach today, eat a little lunch, checked in Friday Folders and planners, gave our multiplication test, taught a reading book club group, graded writing journals, passed out snack, taught social studies, called a parent, turned in our testing information for NAEP, went to Lemstone to buy a gift, met up with my in-laws and brother-in-law for dinner, put away Christmas decorations, made a few Arbonne phone calls, checked email, talked to my husband.....hmmm...I think that MIGHT be it. There are just too many things throughout the day! Ha! Enjoy!