Tuesday, April 25, 2017

#weekinthelife Sunday / 2017

This week I've been documenting our Week in the Life by taking photos of our everyday life.
Ali Edwards started this in 2005 and you can read more about it here.
Also I'm posting my pics on Instagram at @kaseylaughlin if you'd like to follow along.

 This Sunday started off at my parent's house since we were in St. Louis this weekend. Boys woke up around 6:30 am and started playing nicely together. Alex got this dog yesterday at Ikea and at first he named it Woof, Woof and then they both decided that they should name it Jack.

We played for a little bit, ate breakfast, and then got ready for the Zoo to meet up with friends.

Arrived at the Zoo and it was a gorgeous day. Boys got new sunglasses from my parents for Easter and were happy it was sunny to wear them. When we arrived it wasn't too crowded at all which was nice and by the time we left two hours later, at noon, it was packed.

 Everyone loves the sea lions.

LOVED the polar bear this trip! She was swimming all around and we all stood mesmerized for awhile! She is cute!

 Walking through to see the rhino and the elephants. Evan was a tad upset because Alex also sat with him in the cave.

SO thankful for these great friends who happened to be up in St. Louis for Savannah's band concerts. Thankful we got to meet them at the zoo and enjoy the day!

 Also loved seeing the cute baby elephant!

 When we left the zoo I had two upset boys because they thought they were going back to MeMaw's and Papaw's house instead of driving home.

 Luckily traffic wasn't bad. We rented a car for the weekend since I had to go back and forth to Columbia and St. Louis twice and we didn't want to put the miles on our leased van. Luckily Enterprise has a weekend special that isn't too bad price wise 

These are two of my must haves when I drive. Dr Pepper and orange tic tacs. 

Got home and was so tired from the busy weekend of our department end of the year get together and a girls night out and the zoo. I set my timer for 25 minutes and took a quick power nap while the boys got rest time in their rooms with their ipads. It was glorious!

After waking up, I realized that I needed to return the rental car and Mike was working evening shift. Thankfully I texted my friend and Allie saved the day! She met us at the rental place while I put the keys in the drop box and she took us back home. And I love catching this one in a relaxed mood with a genuine smile on his face. 

 Got home and had a quick dinner and boys got to play with some of their new toys they bought with their Easter egg hunt money from MeMaw and PaPaw. Alex chose a small arctic fox and Evan got 15 small animals. We also read some books and relaxed.

Cheesy face 
 Tired boys

Bedtime reading. Tonight we read Zero the Hero, Paw Patrol Pirate Adventure and Red

 After boys are in bed, I start making lunches for school on Monday. I try to get most everything ready the night before. Sometimes it happens and other times it doesn't.

 Finishing up a load of laundry from St. Louis. Luckily it wasn't much as my mom did two loads for us while we were there.

Diffuser going with Cedarwood and Lavender for boys and the fish are still going strong. One last check on boys before heading to bed myself.