Wednesday, April 26, 2017

#weekinthelife Monday / 2017

Monday. A new week!

6:00 am / Woke up to this one in our bed again. I think Mike brought him back to his bed 2-3 different times throughout the night too.

6:15 am / Coffee. Must have it today. I add in an extra drop of my Young Living Peppermint for an extra kick.

6:42 am / Rushing trying to get papers signed, backpacks filled, lunch made and books read.

 Still haven't poured myself that coffee..ugh. finally did after making lunches.

 6:50 am / Reading aloud to us. He did great!

 Thankful for his help in the mornings even when he is exhausted from working the night before.

7:05 am. / Leaving and saying bye

7:10 am / A special treat for Alex this morning and picked up my $1 refill for coffee in my mug from there.

8:05 am / Ready for the day. We have our whole school Monday meeting in the gym in just a few minutes and then MAP testing starts today. I'm testing third graders in a small group setting.

8:06 am / Had to show me his creation he made this morning while I was getting ready for the day. It says "Who will get across the volcano?"  Then he lifted up the red paper and showed me the map and path to take. 
 8:45 am / Pick up my students for testing. They worked so hard!

Sharing a little about our struggle during the start of #infertilityawarenessweek


2:15 pm / Working with my 2nd graders on our school/district ELL project 

3:05 pm / Getting ready for the afternoon slump that usually happens after school. Ningxia and Lemon Myrtle for the win!

3:20 pm / School is out and today I'm helping with the crossing guard and parent pick up. I have an internal goal to help get the students all loaded into their cars before 3:30. Today we didn't make it. ;)

3:45 pm / Headed home!

 4:10 pm / Alex desperately needed some new shoes. His Batman ones were ripped and the velcro was falling off. We had a successful trip which was great since he is super hard to shop for with shoes. In this pic, he is saying "Ewww....stinky feet!"

4:17 pm / oh my word. he grabbed my leg as we were leaving the store and wouldn't let go because he said that I needed new shoes too. I don't and didn't get any. He was mad and seriously did this for about 2 minutes. I dragged him Thankfully there weren't many people where we were.

4:30 pm / Home and they wanted to trick Mike into opening the "new" shoes and they put Alex's old shoes inside. They thought they were hilarious.

4:45 pm / Park time!

4:45 pm / Gorgeous day. Playing hide n seek. In this pic I'm hiding in a big ol' tire and Evan found me in about 3 seconds. ha!

4:50 pm / Water break. Somehow Daddy was always "it" and I just noticed that Mike and Evan both have on their Superman shirts today. LOVE it.

5:15 pm / Chicken fajitas for dinner tonight. yum!

7:00 pm / Ready for bed. This one tried to talk me into watching another short show before bed. #nope

 7:30 pm / Mike's doing bedtime tonight and I'm headed to to my friend Allie's house to watch Dancing with the Stars.