Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello, Monday

Hello, Monday and Happy Earth Day!

Hello to recovering from a busy weekend!

Hello to friends visiting

Hello to a cold, morning at Grant's Farm

Hello to friends

Hello to camel rides

Hello to my three loves...

Hello to Evan realizing that wishes might not come true and magically appear. Was sad when he realized a yellow Batman wasn't just going to appear :)

Hello to having fun at the Magic House

Hello to fun times

Hello to my mom leaving to St. Martins with her sisters and mom for a week long vacation...

 Hello to the Butterfly House

 Hello to these two cuties!

Hello to not liking the "jeep" ride at Chuck E Cheese

Hello to sisters and a carousel ride

Hello to pa-paw!

Hello to a special 5 year old!

Hello to lifelong friends!