Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Young Living Essential Oils

So...I recently started using these Essential Oils through Young Living. My blog friends, Lindsay and Michelle have me hooked! They are amazing and have helped out our family in these last few weeks!

-These oils really work.  Really! Young Living Oils are 100% organically grown in the most optimal conditions, they are then harvested at the most precise time and are distilled under the most rigorous of guidelines.  All of this makes Young Living EO's the most potent and safe oils on the market.  
Read this article  for more information.
Back to the HOW these oils work.  You can use these oils 3 different ways: ingest them, apply topically or diffuse.  Even people with the worst allergies will tolerate these oils and surprisingly find extreme relief just by using these therapeutic grade oils.  They have taken away my headaches and gotten rid of my seasonal allergies and sinus pressure by just rubbing them on my temples, forehead, cheeks and the bridge of my nose.  No lie!

We also use these oils throughout the day, afternoon and evening.
In the morning I use Lemon and Peppermint. Before Evan goes to school, I put Peace and Calming on him.
At night, before bed, I put Peace and Calming and also Lavender on the boys feet. They even ask for them now! Not kidding. Alex will go into the bathroom and point to his feet and Evan loves having the oils on to help with bedtime and winding down. I played soccer recently and had a few sore muscles and used Panaway to help. I put Thieves on the boys and myself (being a teacher) every day to keep from getting sick. These are amazing and really work!

-The business opportunity.  Once you talk about these oils and their uses and benefits, people will be banging on your door for more information.  Now that's a business opportunity I want in on.  They literally sell themselves.  And believe me, once you see for yourself how amazing this product is, you WILL want to shout to the world about them. 

-The Young Living community, and to be more exact, the Lemon Droppers community on FB.  I am surrounded by intelligent, passionate and knowledgeable people who will answer any questions at the drop of a hat.  It's incredible.  

Now, I'm not here to sign you up to sell this stuff.  I know I never intended too, but if you want the oils, this is the way to go.  You are in no way obligated to sell anything, but you get the benefit of the distributors pricing.  No brainer if you ask me.  

This is a fantastic kit to start with, you WILL use every oil in this set, I guarantee it.  Visit the Granola Convert to see the deets, when you are ready to sign up just follow the links and when it asks for your sponsor insert my member 1423528 .  I'm here to answer any questions.  Once you order, it should arrive in about 5 days.  The wait will seem like it takes forever, but it's worth the wait.  

Now what are you waiting for?  Check it out!

To sign up click here and let me know if you have questions. This link will walk you through how to sign up and get your products at a discount.
 My member number is 1423528.

Here are a few more link that will be helpful! :)