Monday, December 31, 2012

goals from 2012 and new ones...

On January 4th, I posted the goals I had for 2012.

To see them click here.

It is safe to say that I completed all 3 of them!


The first one was a photo a see 2012 click here...

My second goal was to complete Project Life. I'm SO thankful that I did this. I love that I can go through the album and see silly things the boys did or said and the big and small things that were a part of our year.
I'm excited to start 2013 too. I'm going to use the Cobalt edition (thanks, Mom for getting this for me for Christmas!).

My third goal was to complete/run a 5K. I didn't run the entire thing, but I did complete 2 this year.
The Color Run was amazing and I did run most of it :)
The 2nd one was the Columbia Race for the Cure.

My 2013 goals will be...

1. Another photo a day blog :)

2. Working out/walking consistently 5 days a week and running a 5K this year (the whole thing!)

3. Getting better control of my allergies and working on a monthly food menu for our family

Hope you have a great 2013!!!


Michelle Haner Fitness said...

All Very Good. You will do them all :)