Tuesday, April 12, 2011


12 Master's classes (starting Fall 2008 and ending Spring 2011)

2 pregnancies thrown in

Over 215 reflections, lesson plans, mini-lessons, discussion questions, case studies, and papers completed

One 40 page final paper that took two semesters to research, compile data, edit, and write

Completing all classes with an "A" and ending on a 4.0

Graduating in May and being done....PRICELESS!


Laura Kurz said...

You go girl! Maybe you should go for your Ph.D :)

Tamara said...

ya, I saw the PHD comment above!!! Ca-razy, girl. If you even wanna THINK about it....don't do it for at LEAST a few years. That way, it'll gimee time to think about it and we can tackle that, too....together!!!

Congrats, again. WOW!!! That's a lot of papers to do....and I'm so jealous you're done. 2 more classes for me, but by faaaarrr...the research one is over and done with...and was the most difficult to get through.

♥ ya!

jenny said...

so awesome! nice job girl!