Monday, April 11, 2011


Yes, E is still sick over here in Laughlin land. :( It's almost 9 am and he is sleeping still. (This has NEVER happened). He did get up last night around 12:30, 6 am, and 7:30 am and had a small fever and had thrown up a little. I'm hoping he starts to feel better soon. It's no fun when your kids are sick and you can't really do anything to help.

***EDITED: Found out that he has a stomach virus and a double ear infection. Since he hasn't been able to keep anything down today, he had to get an antibiotic shot in the thigh :( Hoping he starts to feel better soon and the meds will work!

Here are a few pictures from our weekend at the Vet Med Open House... Happy Monday!

Not too sure about milking a cow!

 Someone is getting a little tired :)