Wednesday, December 1, 2010

18 months and 16 weeks

I thought it was time for an update...I know I'm a little late writing Evan's 18 month here it is!

Dear Evan,

How did a year and a half go by so quickly? You are growing up and becoming such a little independent boy. You sleep 13 hours a night, take at least a 2 hour nap, and eat a ton! You definitely are a growing boy! You can sign more, please and we are working on thank you. You have 12 teeth and I think a couple more are coming in. You love to wave goodbye to anyone you see and clap and laugh when others around you do. You are starting to test your boundaries and smirk at us when we tell you no. :) You love to go outside and pick up sticks, rocks, and leaves. Jack is your best friend right now and you laugh and try to catch his tail when he is wagging it. You have no fear and lately are trying to go over the side of the couch head first! You love our Christmas tree and the lights and are doing pretty good with the "1 finger touch" rule. Happy 18 months. Love, mom and dad


In other news, today is 16 weeks and the first time I went all day without my zofran pump or fluids. Hopefully we can make it two days! :) I went to the doctor yesterday and the heartbeat was 148 and everything looked good. Since losing almost 20 pounds from getting sick, I've gained back 8 :)