Thursday, December 9, 2010

on the mend...

I think we've finally turned the corner...After Evan got the stomach bug, the next day, Mike and I got it. Of course it would happen the day after I get my Picc line out. ugh. But the good news is that Mike spent the day in bed, I was able to keep fluids down, I spent the next day in bed, and it seems we are all on the mend.

In the meantime, I am now 17 weeks and feeling pretty good. I get to feel the baby move and kick all of the time.

 You may also notice that our Christmas ornaments are only on the top half of the tree...I think it's more unique that way! ;) ha! Evan is really good at only doing the 1 finger touch on the lights, but the ornaments he thinks they are all balls so he wants to grab those...thus leaving our ornaments on the top half for this year.


LeeAnn | {froggyleggs} said...

im going to have to move ours up as well... Brady has grabbed and broken way too many this year. :( at least they are just cheap round shiny balls though, nothing sentimental. :)
Glad you are feeling on the up!