Friday, October 22, 2010


Evan goes to Mother's Morning Out every Friday and it is so cute seeing him in a structured environment. He loves it and soaks it all in. He was a little more clingy as I dropped him off today, as he has been the past few weeks, since I think he's afraid I'll leave and not come back for a few days. Today they did stamps and coloring and reading and went outside to play. He also has his new backpack and lunchbox. He loves pointing out the "nanas" and the monkey and making monkey noises. Here are a few pictures of his new backpack and lunchbox and pics that the teachers posted from a few weeks ago. :)

Looks like he's already copying off his neighbor during play-doh time! ha!

 But...look at how straight he is sitting and how much he's paying attention! :) That makes me smile!

On their way in from the playground! 2 double strollers for six kids and they all fit!