Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Top 5

5 reasons why today is a good day!

  1. My blog friend, Laura, who was due around the same time I was, and whose 30th birthday is right around my birthday (my 30th)...gave birth to her baby boy today (1 month early!). I am beyond estatic for her!
  2. Heather and Ryan are going to come for a visit! :) It's been awhile since we have seen them and I'm excited they can spend a day or so with us! They are going to come May 9th! Woohoo!
  3. I have 7 more days of teaching!
  4. We are getting a water softener...finally! :)
  5. We scored our reading tests today and ALL of my kids went up levels! This is a huge accomplishment and I'm so proud of all my kids for working hard!
What made your day so special???


heather said...

1. So funny about your friend... I hope that doesn't mean Evan's trying to keep you guys in sync!
(and is this year your 30?!?)
2. Tell me what I can bring. Are you still needing anything? Oooh, we could make a big yummy dinner!
3. Can't believe you're almost done! That must be so exciting!!
4. Love those boring things that are so exciting as real live grown ups now! haha
5. Great job Teach!

My top 5:
1. great day with the kids
2. sawyer is seeming 100% better
3. love having ryan home from work mid afternoon
4. he's bringing take out home from soccer with him for a late dinner while we watch...
5. LOST!!!

jenny said...

glad you had a great day - those are all things to be excited about!

i got to be home with my little dude today - yey! :)