Tuesday, April 21, 2009

35 weeks and sickness

I went to the doctor this morning and Evan is growing! :) His heartbeat was 159 and now I am heading to the doctor every week. I can't believe there is less than 5 weeks left. The bad news is that I am sick. It started Sunday night with just a runny nose and sneezing and a little bit of a cough. Well, yesterday it was still that way and a sore throat. Last night I was feeling pretty yucky...throwing up, headache, the whole 9 yards. I headed to the doctor this morning for our 35 week visit and he said it is probably a virus and possibly bronchitis. I am on an antibiotic and cough medicine. Definitely not fun! I took tomorrow off so hopefully I can get some rest and this goes away quickly! I'll try to put up a belly pic soon!


Laura said...

Oh man, feel better Kasey!