Thursday, October 2, 2008

spazzy Jack

Jack hates cats. I mean hates. When he sees one he turns into some other dog. The hair on his back goes up, he starts snarling and grunting and takes his paws and starts digging them into the grass and moving them back and forth like he is going to take off and just bolt after the cat, throwing grass everywhere. He is a total psycho! Today Mike was mowing the grass out front and Jack was tied up in the yard. One of the neighborhood cats was sitting just at the edge of our yard and was taunting Jack. Just sitting there, not moving as Jack was barking his head off. Once Jack totally fixated on this cat, he went ballistic. He started sprinting toward this cat, and apparently forgot he was still attached to the ground leash. He went up in the air and landed on his back. He got up and shook and apparently when he charged this cat, his collar broke in two pieces....he started sprinting in our neighborhood (without a collar or leash) after this stupid cat and the cat finally ended up climbing one of the neighborhood trees. Mike went over to get Jack back and Mike had a hard time getting Jack to leave that tree because of his obsession and hatred over cats. Geez.... Just another day in the Laughlin house.... :)


Michelle Haner Fitness said...

I like Jack :) Sounds like the cat deserved it messing with him like that.

Anonymous said...

sounds like our dog....he's calmed down a bit since he is 14 now but the other day there were like 10 crows going crazy in our tree and I couldn't figure out why so I shooed them away by throwing sticks at them and saw a white cat clear up at the tippy top

obviously he thought the crows were less dangerous than Max because he stayed there until I put Max in the fenced area

I love reading your blogs Kasey!!