Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Thoughts...

  • What a great day. :) Fall weather is here and it has been so gorgeous these past few days. Sunny and cool. Perfect.
  • Seeing the first picture of our baby and seeing and hearing the heart beat today was simply breathtaking. Mike and I both almost lost it today while we were watching it on the screen. seems real. The heartbeat was strong and it looked so cute beating away in there.
  • I go back in two weeks so we can see and hear it again. Usually you go back in 4 weeks, but our doctor knows how long it took for us to get here so he said we deserve to see it sooner!
  • I am trying to figure out what we can be for Halloween. Any thoughts????
  • I am still procrastinating each week on my papers, but so far I've gotten all A's on them, so I think I'll stick with procrastinating for a little bit longer! I haven't started my paper this week and have hardly finished the readings....yikes!
  • Love this time of the nieces birthdays are right around the corner and I've got some great gift ideas for them! :)
  • We got our settlement from Mike's accident in 2006, and today we paid off my car and our home equity loan. That feels GREAT!!! We are so excited to be debt-free!!!!
  • Hope your October is starting off well!!!!


Nicole said...

You could be a bun in the oven and a baker costume :)