Monday, October 19, 2009


We need your prayers... My Aunt Barbara was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Unfortunately it's also in her lymph nodes and there are a couple of spots on her spine. She has been in remission with breast cancer for a little over 30 years, so to receive this news is devastating. We need lots of prayers. She is so strong and will beat the big C again. They are currently at John Hopkins in Baltimore with a team of doctors reviewing everything. They do have a new "pet" in Baltimore. He/she is a mouse that will be given some fluid from the lung and cancer cells from her lymph nodes. They track it for 5 years for her molecular studies. After approximately 6 months Ziggy's response could help with my treatment options. They have lovingly named him/her Ziggy. I'm sure Zoe and Zelda (her dogs) wouldn't mind! PLEASE SEND LOTS OF PRAYERS her way...

Aunt Barbara and Evan
Aunt Barbara and her mom, my Grandma Fergy
My mom and her sis...about 5 Christmas's ago!
My mom and her brothers and sisters...minus Uncle Mark (in Texas)
My Uncle Mark, Aunt Barbara and my cousin, Matthew Another fight against cancer...we will fight it and win...Love you Aunt Barbara! To all my readers, thanks for your prayers and continue to pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Laura said...

I'll be thinking about her. Let me know if your family needs anything in Baltimore - we are literally minutes from Hopkins. She's in GOOD hands!