Monday, February 25, 2013

Hello Monday...

Hello Monday...

Hello to having my husband back from Seattle...last week is over ;) It was really a good week with the boys while Mike was out of town, but throw in 2 snow days and boys who were stir-crazy and 1 momma who was getting over pneumonia and bronchitis, well the end of the week wasn't as good as the beginning.

Hello to staying caught up on Project Life :)

Hello to coming in 1st place in the 12 week weight loss challenge and winning almost $400!

Hello to lots of laughs this past week and looking forward to the week ahead...with more snow on the way!

Hello to bringing the snow inside...because ma,n...was it cold!!

Hello to fresh air, lots of tears because the snow was up to Alex's knees and then lots of tears from Evan because he refused to wear gloves :)

Hello to 11 inches, thundersnow and lightning...

Hello to picking Mike up from the airport, seeing my family and good friends who come over to help shovel since Mike was out of town. :)

Hello to the last week in February! This year is flying!!!!!!!!!!!