Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday tidbits...

Still in amazement that we are already a week into the new year.
I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of things...not sure if it is just because our Christmas break wasn't as long as normal, or just trying to juggle everything at once.

Some things we've been up to...

  • Back to work and testing all of the ELL students for their annual Access testing. Trying to get this all done and scheduled and back to our normal routine is going to be tough. We have 13 different groups to test and each section is about an hour.
  • Mike and his dad have been working on building a wall/closet/storage in our basement. It looks great and I can't wait until it is done to get some normalcy back and get it organized down there. Hoping to get some pics soon! :)
  • We have lots of date nights scheduled for this month! Our "real" January date night and then we have a trivia night and game night scheduled with friends. So thankful for some of my previous students who are now in HIGH SCHOOL! who want to make some money and watch our boys! :)
  • Excited for a friend's wedding this weekend
  • Did I mention I broke my foot? Yeah....that makes trying to get stuff done easier...not! Heading to the doctor on Thursday to see what they are going to do...

Have a great day!