Saturday, March 31, 2012

Date 3 of 12

So excited we got our March date in (just in the nick of time, since tomorrow is April 1st!) :)
We got back from our spring break vacation, called our friend and babysitter, Erica, and she came over to watch the boys so we could make the 1:30 matinee. So thankful for her!

Seriously...this movie was so great! (Of course, the book was better in my opinion, but the movie was outstanding. I thought the characters were cast perfectly and I can't wait for the second movie. So excited that we are three for three for our dates! 9 more to go...our April one is going to be good too...stay tuned!

And in case you missed our Jan. and Feb. dates here's a recap!
January Bowling (and also our 1st Jan Movie date)
February Fox Theater: West Side Story

Here's also a great list of other date ideas at Life in General


Shannon b said...

I am so jealous of your date! We are in a new area, and figuring out the baby-sitter thing so we haven't made it to the Hunger Games yet. Soon, hopefully. :)

Great job keeping up on the monthly dates! I know there are times when it can be tricky to fit in it.

And thanks for linking up on my blog!