Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve

Today we've been hanging around the house getting things ready for our 80+ member Christmas Eve party tomorrow night. Evan has been loving the new mobile that came today for the crib at my parent's house...The medicine seems to be working so I hope he gets better soon...a baby who is sick and doesn't sleep is no fun! (I think that's why the shirt he is wearing is pretty appropriate...) it says "All mommy wants for Christmas is a silent night!". He was up every hour last night...I'm hoping tonight is better. Playing with his train set... The Malone's came over tonight and we had fun catching up with them. The boys had fun drooling and rolling and hanging out and Yuri was adorable as ever! The two and then... Group shot :) Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!!!


Dan and Amanda said...

oh Kasey so sorry he's not feeling well and not sleeping...I know how exhausting that is!!!! Hope he's better soon. See you in 2 days.