Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top 10 week 25

Top Ten: Week 25

  1. Baby is the size of: a rutabaga! :) He is about a pound and a half and 13 1/ 2 inches! It seems lately he has just gotten so much more bigger. My stomach feels way bigger this week!
  2. Week 25 High: Feeling this little guy kick and move. He is constantly moving and it is the best feeling in the world. I am also loving that this week I got to play kickball with my class and didn't feel bad or sick afterwards! ;)
  3. Week 25 Low: the number of times that I have to get up each night to use the bathroom. It is at least 4-5 times each night and during the day it seems like every half hour! I know this is normal but during the day it's hard to do while you are teaching! At least I know I'm hydrated!
  4. Kicking/Moving: Our little man is moving and kicking tons! He is most active in the morning from about 5:30-7 am and then in the evening around 5:30-7 pm. I think he is hungry during those times!!!! It is so fun to be able to feel him move/turn/kick and it is even better that Mike can feel him too! I think we have a soccer player in our future!
  5. Favorite thing this week: My favorite thing this week is knowing that our little guy is growing! My belly button is getting ready to pop! :) I love being able to just sit and think of all of the changes that are going to occur in our life and I am so blessed to have all of these wonderful friends and family who can't wait to meet our little man.
  6. Foods I love: hot fudge sundaes, turkey sandwiches on french bread with colby jack cheese, mustard and a little mayo. I am also loving cheez-itz and oatmeal sqaures cereal!
  7. Foods I hate: cheesburgers and anything that smells bad! :)
  8. New Development: back pain and leg swelling...technically I guess this started last week but man, I feel really old! ;) It is hard to move and I know it is going to get worse! I still can't believe how quickly I get tired...
  9. Thoughts: I can't believe how fast time is flying by! I am almost 26 weeks and almost under 100 days to go! Wowzers!!!! We have our first shower the first weekend in March and we are almost ready to paint the room (hopefully in the next couple of weeks). All of the furniture is in and as soon as the room is painted, we'll (ahem...Mike) will start putting it together!
  10. Dr. appointment: Our next appointment is next Tuesday to check and see my back and leg swelling. I'm not really sure what is going to happen since the pain is about the same, but we'll see. I think I will also be doing the gestational diabetes test soon too.


Laura said...

Love this post. :) I had my gestational diabetes test today - the drink isn't nearly as gross as I expected (just like really sweet juice). It made him go nuts! All the doctor could hear for awhile on the doppler was him kicking and rolling...Finally got a loud heartbeat though. :)

Good luck with the swelling...Hope it gets better or maybe just that you find something to make it more comfortable. Like a recliner and a sundae!

Abby Larson said...

Things are just moving right along! He'll be here before you know it!