Saturday, September 20, 2008

Telling family

Mike and I had such a great time letting our family know. We wish we could have told everyone in person. It was the best feeling to see their joy and excitement for us. I am glad we made the slideshow to send to family that was out of town. I know they are all happy for us too! It was hilarious to see my mom and Grandma get so excited. My brother took some video, so I need to try and get that posted, but for now here are some pictures. I had told my dad on Thursday night before he left for hunting and I told my sister earlier in the week. I hate keeping secrets! I am so bad at it. When we were coming into town Friday afternoon we picked up my brother from a friend's house and I just had to tell him. He was so excited and happy! He even had a few tears in his eyes...awww! We are so blessed with great friends and family. Sorry some of the pics are blurry and dark...they both guessed before I actually told them so everything just went so fast! It was a great way to tell them!


Abby Larson said...

So exciting! I bet they've been anticipating this day and I'm not surprised they figured it out so fast! I look forward to seeing the video and I can't wait to here how these next 8 months pan out!!!!!

Dan and Amanda said...

Funny! I bet it was fun letting them know. :) Miss ya!