Saturday, November 10, 2007

Make believe

Mike and I are in Indiana for Madison's 6th birthday celebration. Amanda is in the kitchen making cupcakes for Maddy's friend party later this afternoon and I am sitting here listening to Maddy and Mally playing make believe. It is too cute! They are practicing their gymnastics move since the party is at Maddy's gymnastics place later today. Mally is trying SO hard to keep up with Madison and is too cute! Maddy is helping her and keeps clapping her hands saying good! Good~ You did it! Madison opened her presents from us earlier...High School Musical gifts and was SO excited! They have been singing non stop and know all of the words! I can't wait to post some pictures! We have a busy day and it is going to be so fun! This is the first time since Madison was 3 that she doesn't have a princess theme party and her first party with friends from school coming! She was wired when we got here last night because she was so excited and was up and at 'em this morning at 6 am. Have a great Saturday!